Founded in 2001 as an initiative of the Ventura County Community Foundation, the Ventura County Civic Alliance is a coalition of civic leaders with a shared commitment to the three E’s — the Economic, Environmental and social Equity interests of our region. This balance ensures that our research and community dialogue is embedded with a broad and diverse set of perspectives and priorities.

Core Principles and Values

The Alliance holds a set of core beliefs that guides its mission: regional stewardship, open dialogue, collaboration, evenhandedness, unbiased research, and community building and decision making by consensus. We bring together residents and civic organizations to cooperatively explore options and find integrated solutions to the complex economic, environmental and social challenges of our region.


Since its founding, the Civic Alliance has fostered dialogue by:

  • Conducting independent research of Ventura County quality of life indicators in the State of the Region reports
  • Publishing a quarterly electronic newsletter sharing current trends in Livable Communities
  • Hosting multiple conferences and events relating to Workforce Education
  • Partnering with other organizations to support forums on land use and other topics of community interest
  • Developing the Compact for a Sustainable Ventura County, which included multiple public sessions to solicit community input on the future of our region