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VCCA’s Center for Public Dialogue serves as an impartial resource for Ventura County to assist in community problem-solving. 

We use dialogue to generate non-partisan and constructive communication around difficult topics. We partner with government, business, and community groups to explore critical issues that impact the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of our communities.  The Center serves as an impartial resource for Ventura County to assist in community problem-solving.  We analyze issues, design public participation events, host forums and write reports on key issues while working with a wide variety of local institutions, including city and county government, school districts, and non-profit community organizations.

Our belief

A profound belief in the power of dialogue guides our work, including the ability of dialogue to humanize participants and bridge understanding through authentic inquiry and exchange.

What we do

We provide an engaged home for respectful conversation where mutual curiosity, collaborative inquiry and compassionate listening act as alternatives to adversarial approaches and encourage transformative social change.


Our approach is outcome-oriented, focusing on the achievement of positive, enduring impact on issues of critical community importance.

Community relationships

Respectful, inclusive and meaningful partnerships allow us to bring together and honor diverse voices that represent the full range of community interests.

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VCCA-ThreeEsThe Center for Public Dialogue addresses the Economic, Environmental, and Social Equity interests of our region.

To learn more about the Center for Public Dialogue, please contact Info@CivicAlliance.org.