The Ventura County Civic Alliance and its Livable Communities working group believe we can build communities that enhance – instead of degrade – the quality of our environment and our quality of life.

Founded in 2001, the Alliance advocates for a more sustainable approach to development in Ventura County. We have adopted a nationally respected set of principles. These include promoting a range of housing choices; walkable, close-knit neighborhoods; repurposing of historic buildings; preservation of open space, farmland and critical environmental areas; and a variety of transportation options. Called the 10 Tenets of Livable Communities, these are not lofty, academic theories but sound practical strategies to serve as planning guidelines. Through our Livable Communities Newsletter, we have focused on projects – already built or approved – that follow these tenets in every city of Ventura County as well as the county itself. The Livable Communities Working Group asked officials from these parts of Ventura County to show us projects they believe exemplify one or more of these respected tenets. The response from planners in every part of Ventura County was enthusiastic, and we have been pleased to share these local examples.

We have also focused on other aspects of livable communities such as health, crime, water, and other elements of our daily environment to include as much of the full definition of livable communities as possible. All of us together are better at charting our future than any one of us is individually. We remain committed in the months and years ahead to continue our efforts to foster dialogue and build consensus in this region that we call home that we know is filled with so many resources and opportunities.

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The Livable Communities working group addresses the Economic, Environmental, and social Equity interests of our region.

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